New Lyme Vaccine

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Introducing the New crLyme Vaccine

  • New cutting edge technology
  • Chimeric recombinant DNA vaccine - provides superior stimulation of the immune system over older vaccine technology while decreasing reactions.
  • Not only prevents Lyme disease but stimulates immunity to help clear chronic Lyme disease infections.
  • Has been shown to help decrease the inflammation seen in the joints of dogs with"silent" Lyme disease compared to those dogs vaccinated with other types of Lyme vaccine.
  • Two vaccinations required for optimal benefit of the vaccine.
  • If you chose not to booster the new crLyme vaccine in 3-4 weeks, your pet is as well vaccinated as it was before we started using this vaccine.

The crLyme Vaccine is Guaranteed to prevent Lyme Disease!!!

If your dog develops signs of Lyme disease after two vaccinations with the crLyme vaccine, the following steps are necessary for your pet's health and to determine if this is vaccine failure:
  • Physical Examination
  • Lyme 6dx blood test....If positive:
  • Quantitative Lyme C6 protein titer (Zoetis drug company pays for)
  • If C6 titer is greater than 29...Diagnostic for active Lyme disease and Zoetis pays for all treatment, plus physical exam and Lyme 6dx test (up to $7500)
  • If C6 titer is less than 29...This is not an active Lyme infection.  Zoetis only pays for Quantitative C6 titer